Several years ago, a group of scholars and enthusiasts of contemporary history studies and publishing formed most of the staff. The discovery of a subject of great interest, such as the Vintage Perfumery, which was never analyzed before from a cultural point of view.

Giorgio Dalla Villa

Director and hystorical coordinator of Museum

This has thrilled and pushed us to deepen the subject by studying historical publications and magazines about this topic, and interviewing the protagonists, who worked in the ancient House of production of Perfume, from the worker to the manager. This allowed us to create a precious documentation, an archive full of data, that are based on these studies.

Daniela Candio

Museum curator

For over twenty years, we have published the magazine ‘Collection Perfumery‘, where we shared the results of our research. Besides we tell these charming stories during the guided tours at our museum.

Fulvio Ronchi

Art Director

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